“I found this book to be child-friendly and very informative for the kind-hearted. Every child from kindergarten to 5th grade should have the opportunity to read this book or have this book read to them. I give it 5 stars.”

Denise Beverly, Patient Care Technician & Mother

“This is a simple but profound message. Told from the point of view, not of the victim, but the offender, is refreshing. Hopefully, young children can identify with Margaret in the book and not make the same mistake.”

Rhonda Brown, Healthcare Professional & Parent

This book is an excellent example of how putting labels on people causes harm. It also is an warning for all to be careful with the words we speak as words hurt people.

Beverly Brady, Retired Educator & Parent

‘”It Does Not Matter If You Are Black or White” says so much in the title alone. The story of Margaret and NiNi holds much relevance to the innocence and curiosity of children, and how we need to teach and protect their minds. There is a life lesson for all and I highly recommend this book.”

Marcus Kirkwood, Writer, Producer, Director & Father