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This letter is an introduction to “It Does Not Matter If You Are Black or White,” written by Dr. Brenda Joyce Sanders, an author and educator now residing in Eugene, Oregon.  This letter will outline the benefits of having this children’s book in each of your elementary and middle school classrooms. This book is beneficial to students as well as a very useful tool for teachers and parents.


This is a story about a girl named Margaret. The book is told from Margaret’s point-of-view as a kindergartner. She learns a powerful lesson about the impact of her words. Margaret realizes that she cannot take back what she said. This character learned that “I’m sorry” did not erase the consequences of what she uttered. The kindergartner wants everyone to learn what she learned the hard way.

Lessons Students Can Learn

Not to utilize words they do not understand

The impact of words and actions

That you cannot take back words even if you are sorry

To think before they speak

Topic/Lesson Initiators for Teachers

Celebrating differences


Offending People





Intentional vs. unintentional

Name Calling


Impact of words

“It Does Not Matter If You Are Black or White,” by Dr. Brenda Joyce Sanders, can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The author has 3 new books coming out on October 30, 2023. Please contact Dr. Sanders directly if you would like to purchase books for your elementary and middle school classrooms. The cost of each book is $23.99.  The fee for reading to a class and starting a project with students is $250. The author begins with the subject matter you choose from above. The author usually talks about the beauty in being unique as students begin their projects. It is the teacher’s choice what  the author will focus on.

If you choose for the author to do an assembly with up to 10 classes, this option will cost $2000 per school. The author can be reached by email at The scheduling coordinator can be reached at You are invited to reach out at any time. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Dr. Brenda Joyce Sanders